Club Vision, Weston-Super-Mare

Middlesex Sound & Lighting were tasked with re-designing and upgrading the AV element of the iconic West Coast “Club Vision” late night venue, as part of Stonegate Pub Company’s new recognisable, dual identity “Popworld & Zinc” design.

To enable Stonegate to obtain maximum impact for their allocated budget, we took the decision to re-utilise the existing RCF Event speaker system for part of the venue, amalgamating all speakers into a powerful pop/Dance focused system for the main “Popworld” venue. The secondary Bar area in Popworld has been given a new lease of life with the introduction of multiple Blackline X Martin Audio X8 wall mounted speakers, these speakers offer dynamic mid-hi elements to this zone, whilst the low frequency is catered for with compact but powerful Martin Audio SX range 12” Subwoofers. This combination enables both excellent quality audio and power, creating an immersive audio atmosphere.

The demand for an increased level of audio power whilst retaining excellent sonic clarity in the Zinc room, led to us specifying a high output Martin Audio Blackline X X15 speaker system for the main dancefloor area. The X15 boasts amazing audio output levels, audio quality and true full range control for the high energy requirement of this space. Blackline X8’s speakers were installed as periphery in-fills for fully supported audio coverage, low frequency audio levels in all dance areas were supported in by re-utilising the venues existing RCF 18” Subs.

Martin Audio Adorn A40 ultra-compact 2-way speakers enable coverage to all internal walkways, whilst external customer areas are driven with IP-Rated Yamaha VS speakers

The audio across all areas of the venue is controlled, processed & protected by the intelligent digital BSS Soundweb BLU100 system, MSL created and customised a digital BSS London Architect file for the audio on site. The tamper proof design system enabled all audio zones on site to be fully EQ’d to maximise the audio quality, no matter what architectural challenges the venue offered.

Reliable yet understated Yamaha PX range amplifiers were installed to cover the range of higher energy speakers installed across the site, delivering adequate power with high signal quality the speakers are driven to efficient levels under full control.

Both venues DJ units are controlled via a world renowned Pioneer DJ Mixer & CDJ combination, with active DJ monitor systems to keep the DJ’s on-track.

Venue independent ShowCAD PC based lighting-controlled systems have been installed and custom programmed by our in house engineers, offering the venue DJ’s total control of the dancefloor effects lighting systems to keep the party going.

Popworld has been installed with a variety of high-power LED Chauvet DJ range Intimidator Scan and Intimidator Spot moving heads, the latest generation of Chauvet LED effects are all DMX controlled via the ShowCAD system to cover all areas of the dancefloor. Equinox and Highlite lighting effects work alongside to bolster the visual aspect, along with a high power Chauvet haze machine to create the perfect late night atmosphere.

In Zinc we opted for Highlite Wipe-Out 4-360’s LED lighting effects, with a bespoke ceiling design achieved by the installation of numerous Highlite Octostrip mk2 pixel strip packages for the visual wow factor.

The lighting effects are again supported by a Chauvet haze machine and custom programmed by our in house engineers with the ShowCAD design system, the end result being a myriad of visual designs to wow the party goers.

An innovative eye-catching pixel wall feature in Zinc comprising of ten Chauvet Vivid 4 LED pixel panels was added to the design, for visual graphics and commercial purposes this offers a huge variation of features to the site. Graphics for the pixel wall were supplied and controlled via by Mediamaster Express 5 Software.

RGB LED colour changing tape installations to back bar & Wall features, offer a soft lighting atmosphere, again all are custom programmed ShowCAD controlled.

Media content and TV signal distribution for both venues is enabled via independent Wyrestorm HD matrices, we supplied and installed all 1080p HD data feeds, TV screens and associated hardware. Popworld has a “Kisscam” HD Pan & Tilt camera system distributed via the Wyrestorm control system, to project live images to the Popworld screens, enabling all revellers to become “famous for 15 seconds”