Awakn, Canary Wharf

Nestled in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf is an unassuming luxury, boutique fitness studio venue, behind the simple glass fronted façade however lies a gym like no other.

Awakn is the brainchild of founder and CEO Kam Panesar. Kam’s dream was to create a gym that offered a full physical workout as well as caring for the mindset of the attendees and their well-being.

Kam’s dream was for a venue which offered unrivalled audio performance and visual stimulation throughout the spaces, MSL was the trusted AV consultancy and installation team who was asked to make that dream become a reality. Working alongside the Awakn design team the architecturally challenging site was developed into a series of spaces, to mesmerize and stimulate the gym attendees in equal measure.

Audio for such a venue needed to be of such quality, it was only achievable by use of a handful of manufacturers worldwide. Trusting in a brand to deliver the expected result was made easier by MSL as we had worked alongside one of the best in d&B audiotechnik on numerous occasions, with outstanding success.

All areas of the venue needed to have complete audio coverage so the d&b audiotechnik s- range speakers and subs were specified for the designated spaces, the differing spaces and their requirements were tailored for with different models available from this range.

Reception, customer walkways, and male/female changing rooms were all catered for with 12no of the 4s super compact speaker variant, the size of this speaker belies its capabilities and comfortably fitted the requirement.

The Zone is a general workout area incorporating a multitude of boxing punch bags flown independently from a metal truss system, static workout benches for free-weight workouts and treadmills.

The audio levels for “The Zone” fitness studios posed a challenge from the onset – due to SPL (Sound Pressure Level) limits set out by Canary Wharf management for this area, a maximum level of audio output was set by the management team otherwise Awakn’s license to operate could be at risk.

The problem with a traditional wall mounted speaker system is that the sound levels will drop 6db (decibel) with every doubling of distance from the sound source (speakers), a traditional wall mounted speaker system would need therefore to be louder than the permitted level at the perimeter to create the required maximum permitted level in the centre of the room where the users were working out.

In order to comply with the maximum audio limit set out, we specified the deployment of no less than 16no d&b 5s speaker. These speakers have been flown from the ceiling facing directly downwards on acoustically isolating mounts, providing complete wide-dispersion coverage whilst meeting the audio limits. 3no d&b audiotechnik 12s subs have been installed on acoustically isolating systems to provide the low frequency bass element for this studio, the desired warmth and depth of sound can be experienced as a result.

The Arena fitness studio is akin to a gladiator arena, an open space designed to allow the gym users the required space to maximise their total body workout. Flipping tractor tyres or hauling a weight-laden sledge, call for an appropriately energizing music level. 

For this studio a more traditional perimeter speaker installation was possible, 8no 8s speakers were installed using acoustically isolating wall mounts, to limit vibration transference. 2no 12s subs were sufficient for the supporting bass in this area, creating a balanced but highly impressive sonic experience.

All speakers and subs on site are fed via 3no dedicated d&b audio Technik multi-channel 10d amplifiers, crystal clear audio quality at all required levels is comfortably achieved.


Control for all audio at the venue is via the wizardry of the tamper-proof BSS Blu100 digital processor system, a bespoke BSS London architect audio design file was created and expertly EQ’d live on-site alongside the instructors by our in-house team of engineers.

Lighting for the entire venue was also designed around the bespoke layout of the gym spaces and their specific requirements, ensuring all aspects of the workout studios are covered for each and every class scenario.

Punch bags and workout benches in “The Zone” studio are all individually highlighted with 29 x compact but high power RGBW Chauvet Colorado 1Solo zoom fixtures, the lighting beam controls of this fixture allow between a 4-degree – 40-degree output capability, enabling a smooth transition between pencil beam and wash lighting variations. The Colorado fixtures are truss mounted and give each high energy class-goer the colour changing spotlight their workout effort deserves, alongside these fixtures 4no Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash moving heads bring the studio atmosphere to life.   

Treadmills in this studio have individually dedicated Absract AVR CS4 birdie lights, lighting the way for the runners, the super compact bright RGBW lights being discretely wall mounted at low level in each case.

 The Arena studio lighting comprises of 14 x high brightness Chauvet Colordash Par-Quad 18 (18 x 7w individual LED’s) fixtures covering the RGBA wash lighting of this studio, this studio also has a dedicated Gobo projector with a custom gobo of the Awakn logo which is able to be beamed around the space as required.

Lighting control for both studios is via a dedicated professional Showcad rack mounted control PC system, in class finger-tip control is made possible by local studio installed Elo 10” intuitive touch screen displays. All lighting fixtures have been custom programmed by our in-house programming team to offer the class instructors a wide array of lighting “scenes” at their disposal, much akin to a programming system that would be more likely to be found in a nightclub or theatre scenario.

Visual elements for the venue including advertising and customer information displays are taken care of with the introduction of  multiple 55” Samsung displays and a high power 5000 ansi lumens, Optoma laser projector and screen system. The imagery and information for these display screens is transmitted via a 4K HD Base-T Wyrestorm matrix distribution solution, with dedicated receivers and extending systems. Crystal clear imagery is displayed as a result,and enables the venue to display their own custom content.

With MSL’s expertise and technical assistance, we were able to make Kam’s dream a reality.