Popgolf, Boxpark Wembley

Popgolf is the latest incarnation on a golfing theme from the Mighty Adventures team and company Director Allan Saud, Mighty Adventures already have existing successful crazy golf venues situated in Bournemouth, Southampton and Colchester. Their vision for the new concept was to bring people together through a love of music, social media, cocktails and of course crazy golf all within a short “chip on to the green” distance of the legendary gig venue – Wembley Stadium.

Boxpark, Wembley is already known as one of the most exciting and diverse pre/post gig destinations for groups of like-minded music fans, searching for an ”all in one” food, drink and leisure venue close to Wembley Stadium – and this is exactly where PopGolf has landed!

The Audio challenging architectural environment of the Box Park venue meant that the music speaker system of choice had to offer the expected highest quality of sound, all-encompassing coverage and clarity but not to be obtrusive as a consequence. Through years of on-site installation and testing experience, we knew that the world-renowned Martin Audio CDD range of speakers and subwoofers was an easy decision to settle upon.

The ground floor bar area is comfortably catered for with the introduction of a single pair of ceiling mounted 6” CDD6 speakers, the sleek, compact cabinet design of this premium range speaker enables them to be easily accepted into the decorative aesthetics.

Paired with these CDD6 speakers (which offer a super wide dispersion coverage at 110 degrees horizontal) is an ultra-compact, single 12” driver, Martin Audio SX112 sub. This speaker/sub combination is one which has been used successfully and to great effect many times by MSL, the low frequency range of the punchy 12” sub compliments the mid-hi clarity of the CDD6 speakers perfectly resulting in a warmth and depth of sound that belies their physical sizes.

Both the ground floor area leading to, and the 9-hole golf course itself have been installed with the CDD6 and SX112 sub combination. Each of the different 9 golf holes to play through has its own music genre influenced design concept, with individual bespoke audio and visual interactive elements to compliment them accordingly. Every hole has a dedicated CDD6 speaker incorporated as part of its design for accompanying musical support, each speaker in turn has been supplied by MSL custom RAL colour spray painted to match its own concept aesthetic.

A fusion of advanced audio technology and electronic trickery has been further integrated into some of the golf holes, via the introduction of motion or touch sensors triggered by the players themselves or upon impact from their golf balls when a shot is taken. From confirming a successful putt on a particular hole via a suitable musical riff or melody, to a set of giant illuminated walkthrough headphones. These headphones aren’t just for visual entertainment though, cleverly concealing a pair of motion sensor activated Martin Audio Adorn ACT50 ceiling speakers they instantly playback a creative audio file for a larger-than -life giant headphone experience when players pass through.

Throughout the ground floor total deployment of 14 x CDD6 speakers and 4 x SX112 subs the subs have been floor mounted wherever the design plan design allowed, where this hasn’t been possible however the subs have been flown via a ceiling mount yoke system to ensure the same balanced and engaging level of music is constantly met.


Mezzanine audio is split into two distinct zones, the general socializing area and an interactive bookable events space. The general area has another individually controllable and balanced combination of 4 x CDD6 speakers and an SX112 sub, listening to the specially curated on-site playlists in a chilled-out atmosphere is the purpose of this space.

The bookable interactive space has a matching audio set up to the socializing space – 4 x CDD6 speakers and an SX112 sub – but the booking groups own music or playlist can be directly inputted as a music source to play through this dedicated speaker system via an (integrated USB linked) ipad.

Audio control and sound quality processing for the entire venue is managed, EQ’d and balanced by an industry leading BSS Blu100 processor rack mounted system. We have installed 2 x Blu100 processors, a dedicated BSS Blu3 digital source & volume remote control has been installed in each of the 4 individually controllable audio zones on site for instant adjustments. The Blu100’s have been utilised with custom audio programs designed by our in-house audio engineers, with security protected software handling all of the fine tuning required for the audio systems to operate to their full potential in the architecturally challenging venue.

Amplification for all speakers and subs on site is taken care of by 5 x Powersoft M28Q amplifiers. The slimline 4-channel amplifiers from the Powersoft touring grade “M” range offer impeccable signal output quality for the CDD6 speakers, whilst effortlessly providing the additional power required to run the SX112 subs efficiently and to their required level.