Hawksmoor, Guildhall

Hawksmoor have been carving a niche for their high quality steak inspired restaurants in central London, with the first site in Spitalfields gaining high acclaim, followed suitably by the second restaurant in Seven Dials.  

 MSL have been supporting the company with all matters relating to audio and AV, so when a new site in the heart of the Capital’s square mile was discussed, Nick Harding form Hawksmoor began discussions with senior MSL project manager Darrel Olivier regarding the proposed background audio and visual systems for the Basinghall Street location. 

 The new restaurant and bar site was the first concept build for the London based company, where the site would demand unobtrusive HI-FI quality background audio throughout the 4 separate zones. 

MSL proposed a combination of 22 Martin Audio AQ5 (2 x 5.25” ICT drivers) and  2o of the Martin Audio C6.8T (6.5” LF + 0.75” HF) ceiling enclosures, combined with 3 QSC CX204V multi channel amplifiers delivering the power. 

 The now MSL benchmark BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 audio control management system was selected for simplicity and to allow the operators to easily manage the separate zones and audio sources via the independent BLU-3 remote interfaces located in the separate areas of the restaurant. 

 Utilising the Martin Audio loudspeakers with the BSS Soundweb platform provided the client with a complete solution, bereft of complicated processes to manage the system. 

 Visually a 50” Panasonic full HD commercial display completed the installation along with a comprehensive Kramer multi input AV connectivity plate and associated HDMI, Video and VGA signal link cables for connection to the screen.  

 We travelled the world, from steakhouse to steakhouse, searching for the perfect steak, but discovered that beef from traditional breeds reared the old fashioned way right here in Britain and cooked simply over real charcoal, packed more flavour than anything we tried on our travels. 

 “With our first steak restaurant in Spitalfields we managed to get some great feedback, which you can see here, and fortunately we’ve kept that up at Seven Dials” 

 “Although we’ve had plenty of ‘best steak in London’ plaudits we’re not resting on our laurels. We want you to have a fantastic meal and most of all to enjoy yourselves while you are with us. We’d love your feedback, which you can leave here, so we can try to keep improving. It will go straight to us and we will always respond as quickly as we can”